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Jan 31, 2010 8:00am EST
karzai government who stole the election and ruled only topple. so much of afghanistan is effectively run by the taliban. in addition, we've had eight years with the u.s. has isolated between the kinetic counterterrorism strategy and a counterinsurgency strategy that tries to protect people. and we have seen the last oscillation of that. this happened during the bush administration, and now it's happening again in the obama administration that we are moving back to a counterinsurgency strategy. now besides afghanistan being a much harder, not to crack that iraq we now have a lot of domestic factors affecting the u.s. policy. the american public is war weary after two wars stretched out over many years. and i think it's politically perilous for any politician in a democracy to escalate a war that is already unpopular, even lbj didn't do that when he escalated the vietnam war. u.s. spending in afghanistan is more per year than any other military spends on the planet. so we're dumping a lot of resources into afghanistan. the afghan war is expected to cost another trillion dollars over the ne
Jan 16, 2010 9:00am EST
which is often not the case. hamid karzai is not particularly interested in doing that. at one point, his generals came to him and said these changes are starting to demoralize the army and his reply was i don't care. if they are bad i will demoralize them some more. there are a few instances where political considerations outweigh merit in how commanders are chosen. sometimes in the military there is a tendency to say how dare we let that happen? certainly it can be damaging in many ways but keep in mind that war is a political activity. there are cases where politics from merrick. our civil war is an excellent example. abraham lincoln gave ships to a lot of inexperienced politicians in the north in order to get their help in reporting people from their state and so forth. ultimately at the higher level you have some sort of balance between merit and political considerations. afghanistan has that balance and the government has not put merit often a enough. in the book i go into a lot of detail on what foreign powers in the united states and afghanistan to improve the leaders of indi
Jan 16, 2010 8:00pm EST
, if someone is a relative of karzai then things become problematic. we like to think we are going to defer to the host nation's judgement but sometimes we have got to have a role in the same thing goes too in iraq early on we said we are going to let the afghans do it. you have got to let the native population to get themselves. sometimes that just doesn't work and sometimes the americans just have to get more involved. >> a question over here. >> hi tom. i have got to comment. i am a civil affairs guy and i have that kind of a comment for tom and then a question for mark. i have got to pick up on where you left off on your final point because i think in my experience as a practitioner in this kind of business to include low level counterinsurgency operations and i just did in liberia. >> i just want to point out that chris was the one of the great heroes when he tried to keep the kobo from blowing up. >> i think there is way too much emphasis on hearts and minds. as i like to tell people i don't care if you like me because i'm going home to write my harley-davidson. so my mission here is
Jan 24, 2010 5:00pm EST
, starring robert downey, jr., provides just the kind of karzai that we've come to expect, not just of car advertising. again, but from much of the entertainer that we indulge in that is car centric. american car ideology lights the messages that come to us in many hollywood films, is supported by a series of core american values. individualism, freedom, are two of the key, but also family -- the very american dreams. the automakers have tapped into the core american values in their advertising. and a year in and year out, we are exposed to tens of billions of messages from them. just any advertising, let alone the marketing, promotion and publicity. because we are supposed under exposed to this and realize we are born, we come to intensely associate these ideas that we already have about what the car can provide us. we associate those values and more intensely with the car. freedom is one of the key values with the car taps into. the iconic image of the lone car traveling wickedly, widely and freely down this anti-roadway. no other cars in sight. is really an exhilarating image of freedom
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4